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Important Announcements

Service Discontinuation Advisory

Melissa DATA is discontinuing the MatchUp Web Service on May 31, 2023

Users with deduping needs should migrate to one of these two models:

  1. Users who need more (matchcode or match rule) flexibility migrate to MatchUp Object or ETL SSIS MatchUp component. These are more advanced users who wish to integrate our matching libraries into their own proprietary system.

  2. Users who want the simplicity of minimal configuration (and a slightly higher record limit) migrate to Listware Online. No installation necessary. A simple file upload and downloadable output.

Please visit Melissa Data Matching for your matching options or contact your Customer Service Representative.

General Information

Build History

Released on: April 2017

Initial Release


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Past Announcements

MatchUp Web Service Notice - May 09, 2017

Notice details can be found here.